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MIB Removals has all the manpower, equipment and skill you need for a stress free move.

Our removalists will transport your valuables to your new location on time, without a hitch.

Over the last ten years, MIB Removals has successfully organised over 10000 moves. We’re proud of the fact we have one of the lowest claim incident rates around. This has been possible because our removalists bring the same level of care to every job we do.

Whether you’re moving home, office or interstate. our highest priority is always the same. To deliver your valuables to your new location without a scratch, on time at an affordable price.

For many, moving from one location to another can be a stressful experience. With to-do lists that can go forever, we aim to provide a first class removalist experience to all of our clients, no matter how large or small the job.

Selecting a Removal Company That You Can Trust

Picking a moving company is no easy feat. You are on the lookout for a responsible company that will take care of your belongings and move them safely. You are basically putting your home’s content in someone’s truck and hoping for the best. Every business will tell you that they are the best but thankfully […]

Tips for Keeping Your Furniture Safe

Not every person is able to correctly keep their home furniture. Listed here are some methods for making the most from the storage area, while making sure your possessions are kept in the best way possible: Create an inventory Pay attention to precisely everything that you own. You do not know your furniture up until […]

Preventing Disputes Against Moving Company

When you want a hassle-free move, you are usually thinking about hiring reputed movers that provide the greatest services for your move. There are countless companies offering moving services that making a choice on one company to trust with your move could be daunting, specially when any other company is apparently making claims of offering […]

Particular Removal: Piano Edition

Pianos are fantastic musical instruments for producing beautiful sounds. However, also they are very fragile, heavy, and difficult to handle. For this reason, moving them may be very hard. Once moving a piano, you ought to take certain precautions and further look after your instrument. The internal parts of a piano are especially at risk […]

Ideas for your Basement’s Apartment

Basement flats can appear to not have much illuminations, which makes them mostly very dark. Pavers, outer fencing, thin windows and plants can become problems and limit the amount of light that gets into your apartment. Unless you are a nocturnal animal, this is not the most pleasant of environment. These are some solutions and […]

Post-Move Unpack: What To Do

Everybody knows the challenging aspect of moving from an old house to a new one. When it is your turn, you trigger challenges in achieving various stages. From pressing family unit things to lifting substantial furnishings, stacking sensitive pieces to unloading after a move – each progression requires extraordinary consideration and care. The vast majority […]

Tips for a Burden-less Move

For many people, moving from an old house to a new one can be a stressful experience. Whether it is just down the street or across the country, moving can stress out everyone involved. Your go-to task will most likely to make use of a completely thorough moving checklist as a way of dealing with […]

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