Affordable Furniture Removal And Storage Units In Sydney

Out of room?

Home or office overloaded? Between homes and have no accommodation? About to travel overseas and not come back for ages? Moving overseas for work? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’re in the right place. MIB Removals offers a storage solution to keep all your property in top condition while it’s put away. We provide the storage space for small businesses as well as for large industrial materials for long – and short-term periods on rental basis. Need storage solutions now? Call us on 1300 061 658 or contact us for more information.

The storage solution

Our 10 cubic metre pods are made of plywood, completely breathable and hold plenty. Be it relocation, renovating the home, creating space for the new family member, or safekeeping old furniture — whatever the reason, we have the solution. Our mini & large storage units are better than steel which can rust and concrete which absorbs dampness. You don’t need to worry about mould because our pods don’t hold any moisture whatsoever. Our pods can hold the contents of a studio, small one-bedroom apartment or a small office. You can easily store a heap of furniture, including your bed, mattress and a pile of boxes. At $195 per pod, per month, (including GST) our storage solution is one of the most affordable short term self storage units that give you the ability to access your belongings whenever you want. It can prove to be beneficial at the time of selling, moving home or office building. One can keep one’s items in self storage places, for any period, in a safe and secured environment. You can hire as many storage units that fit your needs at a cheap & pocket-friendly cost.

Our storage location and accessibility

MIB Removals is affiliated with Storage Plus. For convenient access, the facility is located in Rosebery, only 10 minutes from Sydney’s CBD. The storage facility is clean, hygienic and fully alarmed. You can be sure your storage unit and valuables are secure. If you want to access your belongings, please give us a week's notice and storage security will be ready when you arrive!
Storage Rates
Are you thinking of moving house? Whether you’re planning your future move or ready to move now, we’d love to chat. Find us in Sydney on 1300 061 658 or send us an email.
Storage 10 CUBIC METRE
Monthly Rate

per pod

Suitable for the contents of a studio / 1 bedroom apartment.


Height 2.4M Length 1.7M Width 1.7M
*All prices are excluding GST *Minimum charge of $195/month applies irrespective of any number of days *Each Pod has a 10 cubic metre capacity, suitable for the contents of a studio/1 bedroom apartment. We’d love to talk to you. Our removalists can’t wait to help you move. Call us on 1300 061 658 or mail us at

The storage process

If you want your valuables placed in storage, just let us know. MIB Removals has been a leader in the removals industry for years, specialising in providing packing & moving services to all commercial & industrial companies as well as to home/house needs at affordable rates. We’ll come over, pick up your valuables and take them to our facility. We’ll pack everything away nice and safely in your storage pod. As with all our services, we will bubble wrap, shrink wrap or just plain wrap any of your valuables totally FREE OF CHARGE.
You are entitled to unlimited free wrapping of your television, mattresses, sofas, glassware and artwork etc, all items must be prepared for safe transport before they can be loaded into our trucks. This ensures your belongings remain damage free during transit and the storage process. We are the leaders when it comes to removalists and cheap storage near you in Sydney. Our free wrapping service will keep any dust or dirt off your most valuable belongings. When you come back to pick them up, it’ll be like they’re brand new.

Convenient Removal and Storage Near You

When it comes to finding cheap storage near you, convenience matters. Our cheap storage units are located close to you, making it easy to access your belongings whenever needed. Whether you're moving or need extra space for your possessions, our convenient locations ensure you won't have to travel far to retrieve or store your items.

Short-Term Storage in Sydney

Not all storage needs are long-term. Sometimes, you need a temporary solution to store your belongings during a transition. Our short term storage units near you offer flexible options for short term storage in Sydney. Whether between homes, renovating, or travelling, our short term storage solutions provide a safe and secure space for your belongings until you're ready to retrieve them.

Cheapest Self Storage in Sydney

We understand the importance of value when it comes to storage solutions. Our commitment to providing affordable options sets us apart as the cheapest self-storage in Sydney. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality and security of our storage units. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable storage solution without breaking the bank.

Secure and Protected Storage

The safety of your belongings is our top priority. Our storage units near you have advanced security features to protect your items. From surveillance cameras to secure access controls, you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in a safe environment.

Variety of Unit Sizes

No matter the size of your storage space needs in Sydney, we have a variety of unit sizes to accommodate your belongings. Whether you're storing a few boxes or larger items like furniture, our range of cheap storage unit sizes allows you to choose the space that fits your requirements. This helps you optimise costs and only pay for the space you need.

Easy Access and Flexibility

Our furniture storage units in Sydney are designed for your convenience. Easy access and flexible hours allow you to retrieve or store your items according to your schedule. Our user-friendly facilities ensure that you can access your belongings without any hassle.

Personalised Service

At Men In Black Removals, we pride ourselves on offering personalised service to our customers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about our storage units. We're dedicated to making your storage experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. In conclusion, our best storage units offer convenience, affordability, security, and flexibility. Our range of inexpensive storage units will meet your needs. If you need short-term storage in Sydney, the cheapest self-storage option, or a secure place to store your belongings near you, our solutions are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to explore our storage options and take the first step towards a clutter-free space.

Budget Removals & Storage in Sydney

Welcome to Men In Black Removals. We are one of the best companies for furniture removal and storage near you. We offer affordable services for self-storage in Sydney and across Australia. We are experts in the field. We offer an array of cheap storage places such as commercial storage units, business storage units, industrial storage units, large storage units, mini storage units as well as long term storage units and household storage units. We help you with the best removal and storage options near you to keep all your possessions safely. Our state-of-the-art-storage facilities in Sydney are sure to meet all your varied needs.

Affordable and budget storage

Men In Black Removals is a ‘one of a kind’ in the removal and storage companies industry. We offer cheap storage units and budget storage options to keep all your valuables safely. We also offer packing and removal services. Our temporary, inexpensive storage units and storage pod rental are sure to meet all your storage needs as they assist you to keep all your possessions safely in one location. Our team of experts is highly professional and trained. They are skilled at efficiently dismantling fixtures and wrapping furniture for storage. Our secure storage units allow you to store your belongings with us. You no longer need to worry about the safety and security of your possessions and goods with professional storage rental at cheap prices in Sydney. Contact us now! Please call 1300 061 658 for a free quote.
We value your trust. Your satisfaction means everything to us.
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