Types of Storage Units Available on Rent Across Sydney

Types of Storage Units Available on Rent Across Sydney

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Storage

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Nowadays, people are renting storage units to meet their temporary storage demands. Similarly, to meet these requirements, more and more companies are entering the self-storage industry. So, there is no scarcity of self-storage facility providers in the country and especially in Sydney. However, there are different types of storage units available on rent across the city. And thus, it becomes difficult to rent one which fulfils your requirements without exceeding your budget. 

Are you looking for storage units for rent in Sydney but don’t know which one is the ideal one for you? Don’t worry, we will discuss every type of storage unit which is available to rent below. So, let’s begin.

Types of Storage Units Available 

There are three types of storage facilities available in Sydney. There are indoor storage units, outdoor storage units and mobile storage units. Each of these units has different dimensions, price, and facilities. Similarly, these units are designed to suit different purposes and needs of the people. And therefore, you must wisely choose a storage unit for your storage needs. 

Indoor Storage Units

Yes, as the name suggests, these units are available inside a building or a complex. On each floor, you will see multiple storage units in which you can store your belongings. Now, what are the key factors of such storage units? Let’s find out below. 

  • As these units are inside of a building, renting them is costlier.
  • Indoor units have greater security with surveillance cameras installed at every corner of the building.   
  • However, you may have a few issues while accessing your belongings as these units are inside the building and on various floors. 
  • In most facilities, there is manual temperature control for these units. 
  • Due to the smaller size, you cannot store your vehicles or other large items in these units. 

These indoor storage units are recommended for storing furniture, boxes, office belongings, etc. Also, if there are things which are temperature sensitive, even then you can opt for indoor storage. 

Outdoor Storage Units

Even with this storage unit, the name tells you everything. Unlike the indoor units, these units are built outside, most commonly on an empty loft. And then, a wall is erected around these units for protection. 

  • You can store your vehicles such as cars, bikes, or even small-sized trucks in these storage units. 
  • Renting an outdoor storage unit is much cheaper than indoor units. 
  • However, you won’t receive a great deal of security towards these storage units as you get with indoor units. 
  • Similarly, there is no option for temperature control in and around these units. 
  • As these units are not inside a building, you can carry your belongings to and from these units comfortably.   

One can use these units to store their vehicles and other large accessories which they otherwise cannot. 

Mobile Storage Units

As the name suggests, these storage units are portable, and you can even bring them to your house. Studies have suggested that demands for mobile storage units have skyrocketed in the past few years. Let’s see why that is the case.

  • You can use them whenever you are renovating your house or relocating to a new place. Storing your belongings for a very brief period was never so easy.  
  • These units are also called pods as they are compact and are portable. 
  • You don’t have to pay much for these mobile storage units as you can return them as soon as your renovation is finished.

Many people just want storage units for a few days or maybe a few weeks. And these mobile storage units are the perfect solution for such requirements. 

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