Workstation Installation Services

Workstation Installation ServicesWorkstation installation will bring order to your office

We’ve seen a lot of offices. We’ve seen some good ones, bad ones and some really ugly ones. What the bad and ugly have in common is a lack of order and functionality.

Plastic desks that sit in the middle of the office. Phone lines taped to the floor. Computer cables hanging everywhere.

They’re not only unprofessional in appearance, they’re uncomfortable to work in and potentially dangerous too. Those wires are ready to trip someone up.

Does this sound like an office you work in? Do you feel ready to have proper office workstations installed?

The MIB team is ready to help.


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Workstation Installation ServicesThe workstation installation process

Every office is different and so is every workstation setup.

This is why every installation project we execute begins with analysis of site requirements and the most thorough planning.

Our workstation teams will :

  • Identify staging areas for workstation construction and installation.
  • Take the appropriate measures to protect your office space from any construction damage.
  • Define all the routes for removal of garbage to ensure your office is clean and tidy at the end of the project.

To maintain transparency during the process, we keep all channels of communication clear and open. Every member of our workstation installation crew through to your account and project managers will always know what’s going on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having us install one workstation or thousands. You get:

  • Office workstation installation drawings: so you know what the final set up will look like.
  • Office workstation specifications: so you’re comfortable we’ve worked out the technicalities of each and every installation.
  • Office site analysis: so you know your office location won’t be damaged and all garbage will be removed.
  • Delivery schedules: so you’re certain when we’ll start and finish.

What’s most important to us is your satisfaction and your confidence.


Workstation Installation ServicesWorkstation modifications and relocations

Already have workstations setup, but employees still aren’t happy? Need to bring multiple workstations together because teams are expanding?

Our workstation experts will come to your office and modify your workstations as you please.

We’ll reconfigure your office environment so it looks professional but also functional. Your employees will be able to work comfortably and be even more productive.
If you’re moving from one office location to another, let us know and our team will come around to dismantle your workstations and re-install them at your new office.

You can count on us to work fast but safely. We always aim for minimum disruptions to your business.


Workstation Installation ServicesReady for a more professional, functional office?

We’d love to chat. Our workstation installation crew is ready to help you.

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