Packing & Unpacking Services

We’ll free up your time

We know packing and unpacking takes time. A lot of it.

Organising your valuables in a logical way, wrapping them and placing them into boxes sounds simple enough. But the process, no matter how much stuff you have, is still a time eater.

Whether you’re moving from one home to another, or one office to the next, you’re already dealing with plenty. Agents, paperwork, building permits. The admin work is endless.

This is clichéd, but time is a valuable commodity.

If you’re running short on time, MIB Removals can help.

Need packing and unpacking services now? Call us on 1300 061 658 or contact us for a quote.

Our packing service will save you from stress

When you request our packing service, we send our professional packers to your home or office. Our team will wrap and box all that you own with care so you don’t have to!

Everything is securely packaged and labelled clearly. Finding what you need after it’s moved will be easy.

Our expert crews work fast. They’ll make sure you’re on the go as soon as possible. Having our professional packers work with you will save you weeks of precious time.

moving boxes

Our unpacking service will help you settle in sooner

Moving can be physically and emotionally draining.

More often than not, valuables end up staying in boxes for weeks after a big move. People are just too tired to unpack.

With our unpacking service, you don’t need to live or work out of boxes. Our team will unpack your home or office for you, so you have energy to go on with life and business.

We work in a few different ways. We can assist you as you unpack. If you need to be elsewhere, we’re happy to take a brief. We’ll unpack and place all of your belongings where you want them.


There’s no pressure to use both packing and unpacking services

If you only need help with packing, our professional packers can help you do just that.

If you only need help with unpacking, that’s fine too, we’ll help you unpack.

The two services aren’t tied together. We’re happy to quote for them separately. There’s no pressure to use both our packing and unpacking services if you don’t need both.

* After we’ve helped you unpack everything, we take back all packing material.

furniture packing

Need help packing and unpacking?

With our packing and unpacking services, you’ll save time and energy. If you want to relax during your big move, we’re ready to help.

Call us in Sydney on 1300 061 658 or contact us now.



one man 


Weekday Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$40 per half hour

Weekend Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$50 per half hour

two men 


Weekday Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$60 per half hour

Weekend Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$70 per half hour

men in black removal 


Weekday Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$80 per half hour

Weekend Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$90 per half hour


*At Men In Back Removals we offer a complete range of Packing and Unpacking services to complete your needs.

*When hiring our moving, packing and unpacking services, we will provide you with UNLIMITED FREE Boxes, Cartons, Tape, Packing Paper etc.

*Port-A-Robes available at a additional cost.

*A call out fee applies: A flat rate one of charge that covers the time travelled to & from your home/office, our depot is located in Roseberry 10 minutes from Sydney’s cbd.

  • 0 – 10 km radius of the CBD, 30 Minute callout fee.
  • 10 – 20 km radius of the CBD, 60 Minute callout fee.
  • Contact us to confirm call out and return fees for jobs outside a 20km radius of the CBD.

*All prices are GST inclusive, absolutely no hidden fees.

*All jobs are charged in 30 minute increments, minimum 2 hour charge.

*Additional man power is $40 per hour, per man.