Top Tips to Look for While Leasing A Warehouse Space in Sydney

Top Tips to Look for While Leasing A Warehouse Space in Sydney

by | Dec 5, 2020 | Warehouse

It’s finally decided. Your company prefers leasing a warehouse instead of buying one. And next Monday, you are going to dial the nearest warehouse manager and start negotiating the lease. But is this the right decision? We don’t think so. It’s great that you and your partners have finally made the call to lease a warehouse. However, the actual leasing process is not and shouldn’t be that simple.  And it’s not. 

So, what are the things you should look before leasing a warehouse? Now that’s the first thing you need to answer before you sign the commercial lease. And if you don’t know which things you should look out for before leasing, then do not panic. We have the perfect tips for you. And we have shared them below.    

Check the Floor Load Capacity

Many companies deal with heavy inventory and equipment and thus, floor load is a crucial factor while leasing a warehouse. In many warehouses, you will find concrete slabs and you should ask the manager about its exact thickness. Otherwise, you may end up paying for repairing broken slabs.

Does the Warehouse Have Adequate Power?

More often than not, people install air conditioning and other equipment which needs a continuous source of electricity. And without a 3-phase power supply, these requirements won’t be completed. Therefore, you should bring an electrician with you to the proposed warehouse and conduct a full survey of its power system. 

Can You Load And Unload Comfortably?

Companies these days need to regularly load and unload their products from one place to another. And thus, you should always check if you can load and unload items using a big container truck or not. While you are checking this, also make sure that your truck can move quite easily around the nearby location. Or else, it would become a problem later for the community.    

Is Air Conditioning, Heating & Ventilation possible?

While you may have solved the power issue, can you install, run, and maintain HVAC in your leased warehouse? Or would there be any issues which may stop you from doing so? And that is exactly why you should inspect the whole warehouse through a professional HVAC installer. 

Is It Okay to Make Changes to The Property?

As time goes by and your requirements start increasing, you need to make several structural changes to the warehouse. However, not every warehouse manager would allow you to do so. Due to this, you may have to move somewhere else which is another headache.  And thus, you should always check first with your warehouse manager whether implementing structural changes to the property is possible or not. 

Services Included in The Lease Contract

You should always try to avoid paying for services such as maintenance and cleaning. Or at least avoid paying too much for them. Most of the warehouses have such services bundled into their lease contracts. And thus, you should always lease such commercial warehouses whenever you are in the market for one. 

Look Out for The Fluctuating Rent

Every month’s rent is another important factor which you should consider before leasing a warehouse. No one wants to see a hike in the rent every other month. And thus, it’s sensible to learn the rent structure before singing on the lease contract. Another thing which you can do is check with the previous tenant and see if the rent was fluctuating way too much or not. 

Go Through the Lease Properly

Many people make the mistake of not reading the full lease document before renting a warehouse. There are a lot of things and clauses which are written explicitly in the lease document. And once you have signed the lease contract, it becomes an important paper in the court of law. So, to avoid any future legal proceedings, always read the contract carefully.

These were the important tips which we believe are important for anyone who wants to lease a warehouse in Sydney. Hope our article was informational and useful to our readers. You can also visit MIB Removals website and request a free quote for packing and moving today.