Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19): What to Know

Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19): What to Know

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Furniture Removals

Covid-19 has shaken every corner of the world, including Australia. Every spectrum of commercial industries has been impacted due to this global pandemic. The food industry, trades, banking, corporate sector, retail stores, etc., you name it all, not a single sector had escaped the onslaught of the lockdown regulations that were the direct results of Coronavirus. 

So, are you looking for answers that will tell you if the packing and moving services are still running in Sydney or not? If they are, what kind of changes have these moving companies made in the past year? We will answer them in this blog, so you can make a better decision whenever you have to move across the suburbs or between states. 

Impact Of Covid-19 In Australia? 

Before we go through the challenges faced by the packing and moving companies in Sydney, let’s get a summary of Australia’s battle against Covid-19. 

Back in March 2020, PM Scott John Morrison announced nationwide restrictions on businesses. Soon after that, schools began to shut down, and borders were sealed off. Simultaneously, social distancing measures were implemented by the government to inhibit the spread of Covid-19. 

Due to such business restrictions, almost every industry and service provider went through a period of downfall. Every day, you could read or hear that another business owner decided to shut down their business for good. However, as time went by and the number of cases went down, many restrictions were lifted. 

Now, fast forward to 2021, and the situation is much better for most businesses that survived the lockdowns. Companies specialising in moving services in and around Sydney have also started to show positive revenues, and the future looks bright for them. 

Should You Hire A Moving Company In Sydney Or Not?

As the lease of your apartment comes to an end, you cannot defer moving out of it for long. In many instances, earlier, landlords and building owners had extended the deadline to move out due to the uncertainties and health hazards looming over the country. However, as the situation has taken a better turn, you can acquire moving services for your relocation plans in Sydney.  

But people often think that moving services, in general, don’t come under the umbrella of essential services. On the contrary, that’s not the case as the Australian government deems moving an essential service. 

Besides, everyone knows how to maintain social distancing, wear masks properly and incorporate good hygienic habits. If you and your removalist companies can properly adhere to all the guidelines laid down by the Government, then why should you not move? In certain situations, you absolutely cannot postpone the move. 

Therefore, you can always take the necessary precautions and discuss all the safety steps with your moving company in Sydney before moving out. Below, you can see what you and your removal company can follow to ensure safe packing and moving across the state. 

  • While the professionals move your belongings, make sure that fewer family members are involved or close to them. 
  • You should avoid any sort of contact with the belongings or with the professionals during the move. Companies nowadays prefer virtual inspection of your house and office space. 
  • Everyone, including the professional movers, should wear facial masks at all times. 
  • It’s necessary to share all the vital information before and while packing and moving your belongings out. 
  • Most of the companies provide storage facilities to customers, so you can always use them in this pandemic. 

Looking for a moving company in Sydney that follows these steps to ensure you and your family’s safety? Then you should contact MIB Removals today! Our highly experienced team will indeed move you and your family to the new location safely!