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Over the last 10 years, we’ve maintained our commitment to the highest quality removals service and continue to do so. When we arrive, you’ll know it’s us. Our team come attired in our special MIB Removals uniforms, ready to perform! Our approach begins with real care, a genuine aim to please and a keen ear. We know your belongings are precious, so our removalists treat everything accordingly. To further ensure the safety of your belongings, everything is transported in our clean, modern, top of the line removals trucks. Our fleet is fully insured and with it comes our state-of-the-art dollies, trolleys, removalist pads and power tools. The goal is to ensure the safe, secure and efficient move of all your valuables. Everything gets moved, without a scratch. We want to see you smiling at the end of the day. Always. We are specially geared for small furniture and small interstate removals.

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How much do removalists charge per hour? The cost of your move will depend on:
  • The number of items that you have.
  • Travel distance between your old place and the new place.
  • Number of removalists assigned to the move.
  • If you have any heavy or oversized items like a piano or a pool table, which take more time and men to load onto the truck.
  • If you have delicate items such as art and antiques.
  • if you need help pre-packing your belongings or not. Eventually we can add way more.
  • parking arrangements & building access / how packed and prepared your items are for transport.
Our removalists quote in Sydney believes in ‘no hidden costs’ offering a premium removalists services in Sydney with fully equipped trucks inclusive of - dolly's, trolley's, furniture blankets, heavy duty elastics, power tool kits and plastic wrap all within our removals costs. We don’t charge you for travel to and from the depot, just a flat call out fee.
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For more than a decade, the Men In Black Removals have been making an adequate effort to ease your removal process. We are more than cautious while handling all your goods and are flawless in doing so. We take pride in knowing that we are amongst the top removalists in Taren Point. The word-of-mouth recommendations about the prolific work of Men In Black Removals has gotten around Taren Point’s blocks.
We are always committed to the work we are assigned and protect your belongings like it’s our own. Our competent team of removalists has handled an immense number of assignments and has always received fantastic feedback, not just in Taren Point but all-around Sydney. To further help you in choosing the right one, we have given some information you’d love about us:

Categorisation of Furniture

When you picture the removalists moving your possessions, the first thing you envision is all the stuff packed in a big brown box, ready to take off. But hang on a tick; we have a systematic
The suburb of Engadine in Sydney knows a thing or two about Men In Black Removals. Engadine is mostly known for its commercial and light industrial areas. We are contracted with a couple of big clients, and our work speaks for itself. Trust us when we say commercial removal is slightly trickier than it seems. Deconstructing the computers and servers, packing them properly, and then unpacking them can be tiresome. With thousands of files and an immense number of papers lying around, there is a possibility of blunders if a thing or two goes missing. Thus, while relocating your office, you should hire professional removalists of Men In Black Removals. We do it so smoothly; you wouldn’t even realise the place has changed.
Considered as the top commercial removalists of Engadine, we would like to summarise how things are done:

1. Thorough Analysis

Every commercial office is different from the other. There are tons of things that need to be handled differently. The computer units, machines and equipment, stationery, files, furniture, etc., all of them must be taken care of, and our team gives proper attention to that. Contact us from anywhere in Engadine, and we will come to analyse how the process will be carried out with proper planning and implementation. After evaluation, we determine the workforce and resources needed for the removals and quote you with the price.

2. Packing and Packaging

Once the agreement for our services has been confirmed, our team discreetly packs all commercial valuables and categorises them as per order. Our removalists are quite handy at commercial packaging, which assures you there will be no blunders during the process. The files and essential papers get packed; differently, the stationery items are packed separately. The vulnerable goods such as computers and other equipment are taken great care of as well.

3. Safe and Secure Moving

There have been countless agreements we have picked in all these years and there has never been an instance that our removalists damaged any commercial item. We are aware of the significance these items hold and will not give you any chance to complain. We consider the goods to be moved before arranging vans or trucks for your removals. With our secured packing, there will be no harm while relocating your goods anywhere in Engadine.

4. Unpacking

Once everything is packed and moved to a new place, unpacking is a tedious task and takes forever to do. The work cannot wait that long, can it? We also provide unpacking facilities at light prices. After you have relocated, we can unload all the stuff for you and install them as well. Everything will be done as per the directions provided, and you will be glad that you made the right selection.

With everything going at such a quick rate, you wouldn’t want to halt all the work for a long time while you relocate. There are tons of things to manage, such as dealing with the estate agents and brokers, dealing with building permits, organising electricity and internet, cleaning the place, and planning an entire layout for the new workplace. Wouldn’t you be breathing a sigh of relief to handle all the responsibility to professional removalists? There is no time to have second thoughts; just contact us at 1300 061 658 from anywhere in Engadine and Men In Black Removals will finish the entire removal process before you know it.
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