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Over the last ten years, we’ve maintained our commitment to the highest quality removals service and continue to do so. When we arrive, you’ll know it’s us. Our team come dressed in our special MIB uniforms, ready to perform! Our approach begins with real care, a genuine aim to please and a keen ear. We know your belongings are precious, so our removalists treat everything accordingly. To further ensure the safety of your belongings, everything is transported in our clean, modern, top of the line removals trucks. Our fleet is fully insured and with it comes our state of the art dollies, trolleys, removalist pads and power tools. The goal is to ensure the safe, secure and efficient move of all your valuables. Everything gets moved, without a scratch. We want to see you smiling at the end of the day. Always.

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How much do removalists charge per hour? The cost of your move will depend on:

  • The number of items that you have.
  • Travel distance between your old place and the new place.
  • Number of removalists assigned to the move.
  • If you have any heavy or oversized items like a piano or a pool table, which take more time and men to load onto the truck.
  • If you have delicate items such as art and antiques.
  • if you need help pre-packing your belongings or not. Eventually we can add way more.
  • parking arrangements & building access / how packed and prepared your items are for transport.
Our removalists quote in Sydney believes in ‘no hidden costs’ offering a premium removalists services in Sydney with fully equipped trucks inclusive of - dolly's, trolley's, furniture blankets, heavy duty elastics, power tool kits and plastic wrap all within our removals costs. We don’t charge you for travel to and from the depot, just a flat call out fee.

Professional removalist in Homebush

Moving to a new place is a Herculean task. It requires lots of careful planning and attention to detail. If you have been the hoarder of the place for quite a few years then surely there will be many knick-knacks that need to be properly packed and transported to the new place. Hiring professional removalists in Homebush such as men in Black Removals can help you to organise your relocation. We ensure each and every element in your house is packed carefully and no harm or damage is caused to them at any time. Our team of professionals is highly experts. They are also skilled and trained to provide quality service to our valued customers. We provide an array of removalist services around Australia such as furniture removal service, office removal service, house relocation service, packing and moving service, packing, moving, storage service and much more.
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Here are some advantage of associating and getting our services:

1. Helps you to reduce the stress of moving:

When you move to a new location there are so many things that need to be taken care of from the possession of the property, paperwork and making both locations tidy. In such a scenario doing all the packing and unpacking work by yourself can be very stressful and tiring. Carrying boxes, heavy furniture, fixtures etc is not an easy task. Hiring our removalist services in Homebush can be very beneficial. We will make sure everything is carefully planned and well-executed.

2. No lifting of heavy furniture and belongings:

Moving heavy furniture is at times very difficult. Even a small mistake in body posture can lead to deep injuries. Hiring a professional removalist in Homebush like Men In Black Removals is a safer option. We know how to perfectly handle furniture without causing any damage. This not only eliminates the need for heavy lifting but also reduces the associated risk of injury as well.

3. Helps to save time:

Since our professionals will do everything, you save precious time. You will not have to run around in the market to fetch packaging boxes, cushions, tapes, bubble wraps etc. We will get packing and moving done with utmost precision. At Men In Black Removals we understand the complexity of the situation during a move. We are aware of the lack of time and too many hassles that go on in the background. Hiring a professional company like us will ease the process. It will provide you the desired peace of mind and will save time considerably. We will take care of everything from packing your possessions, cushioning them to moving them.

4. Professional Customer Service:

Men In Black Removals is one of the most reputed companies provideing removalist services in Australia. We are a fully insured company and our experts are highly trained to provide impeccable customer service. We make sure to provide utmost comfort to your customers while we are working for them. Our experts are trained to answer the queries of our clients and provide them suitable solutions accordingly. We are very good at listening to instructions. We make sure to follow all the necessary instructions while provideing our professional service. Our team of experts provides the best possible packing and moving service to ensure your relocation goes smooth.

5. Expertise:

Being an expert in providing removalist services we are well aware of what our job includes. We have a clear plan of action ready as soon as we arrive to inspect your place and we will provide you with a budget for packing and moving. We do our best to ensure packing is done properly and moving is not a stressful experience for you. We have over two decades’ experience in removals. Our experts are highly skilled . They know their job inside out. They are removalist professionals with an eye for perfection.
Connect with our expert team to get our professional removalist services in Homebush and surrounding areas. We will be delighted to hear from you.
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