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Men In Black Removals Over the last ten years, we’ve maintained our commitment to the highest quality removals service and continue to do so. When we arrive, you’ll know it’s us. Our team come dressed in our special MIB uniforms, ready to perform! Our approach begins with real care, a genuine aim to please and a keen ear. We know your belongings are precious, so our removalists treat everything accordingly.
To further ensure the safety of your belongings, everything is transported in our clean, modern, top of the line removals trucks. Our fleet is fully insured and with it comes our state of the art dollies, trolleys, removalist pads and power tools. The goal is to ensure the safe, secure and efficient move of all your valuables. Everything gets moved, without a scratch. We want to see you smiling at the end of the day. Always.
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How much do removalists charge per hour? The cost of your move will depend on:
The number of items that you have.
Travel distance between your old place and the new place.
Number of removalists assigned to the move.
If you have any heavy or oversized items like a piano or a pool table, which take more time and men to load onto the truck.
If you have delicate items such as art and antiques.
if you need help pre-packing your belongings or not. Eventually we can add way more. parking arrangements & building access / how packed and prepared your items are for transport. Our removalists quote in Sydney believes in ‘no hidden costs’ offering a premium removalists services in Sydney with fully equipped trucks inclusive of - dolly's, trolley's, furniture blankets, heavy duty elastics, power tool kits and plastic wrap all within our removals costs. We don’t charge you for travel to and from the depot, just a flat call out fee.

Removalist Services In Carss Park

Moving out to a new location can be an exciting experience. You and your family members get to start a new life, leaving all the sweet memories behind. However, when you have to have to pack your belongings, wrap the heavy furniture and load them into a truck, it’s something that you don’t want to look back into. Similarly, there’s always that drive from your old home to the new one, that’s another big concern. It’s better to hire a professional removalist for your move instead of doing it all on your own.

MIB Removals – Leading Removalist in Carss Park

Founded more than 10 years ago, Men In Black Removals is one of the leading companies for professional packing and moving services. With such immense experience under our belts, you can rely on our packers and movers to shift your belongings without any hassle. MIB Removals has completed more than 50,000 moves across Sydney and NSW. So, you can pick us for your packing and moving without any hesitation. Interested to know which services do we provide for Carss Park residents? Then stay with us as we have touched upon every removalist service that we offer below.

What’s In-store For You?

Residential Removals:

Our packers and movers take utmost care and safety measures while packing and moving your stuff. Your sentiments and memories are attached to every belonging in your house, including the furniture. Therefore, we will ensure that none of your stuff gets even a single scratch while doing our job.

Commercial Removals:

Apart from house removals, we specialise in office removalist services in Carss Park. Every year, lots of companies move to a new location in and around the block. And therefore, to make matters easy for you and your employees, we have the finest commercial removalist service across the Sydney region.


Do you have a few other plans to look after before moving onto the new place? Then let us help you in storing your belongings for the time being. We have affordable storage pods available at our Rosebery facility. In each pod, you can easily store items of 1 bedroom with ease. You can check out the details of this service on the MIB Removals website.

Ultra Removals:

People living in high storey buildings face difficulties while moving their heavy furniture. But we provide ultra removals and balcony lifts under our removalist services in Carss Park. Our team will use a robust pulley system to bring down your furniture without any damage or scratches. So, you can rely on the MIB Removals team for your heavy furniture packing and moving across the suburbs. Apart from all the services listed above, you can hire MIB Removals for various other services as well. We offer rubbish removals, premium removals, workstation installation, unpacking and more. Want to know more about these things? Visit our website and see the details for yourself!

Sign Up For Comprehensive Insurance

At MIB Removals, we do everything right, from packing to moving and from unpacking to installation. However, at times, you cannot avoid the odd accident or mishaps down the line. And for such misfortunate situations, we have tied up with CARTS Removals Insurance. It allows us to provide comprehensive insurance options to people in Carss Park. So, whenever you hire us for removalist services, do sign up for our insurance plans.

We Sell Packing Materials – Box Shop

Most of the homeowners prefer to remove and pack their belongings without any professional removalist service. But it’s not easy to get your hands on essential packing materials at the right price for your packing work. However, that’s not the case when you work with MIB Removals. We offer the following products at wholesale price to our customers.
  • Boxes
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Pad Locks
  • Protective Pads
  • Wrap & Tape
You just need to visit the MIB Removals website to place your order for these cheap packing products. Are you impressed with our portfolio and services? Call us today and hire the leading removalists in Carss Park right now!
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