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Furniture Removals & House Moving In Central Coast

Men In Black Removals have been the undisputed leaders in furniture removals for many years now. We started just like any other company, but we have kept learning and tried new ways to improve ourselves. Today, we provide numerous services related to moving to a new house on the Central Coast and the other areas in Sydney. To date, we have completed more than 50,000 orders and continue to do so. Whenever you are thinking of moving to a new house or office, keep in mind professionals are waiting at our dungeon armed to our teeth for you.
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Packing & Unpacking

With a fair amount of furniture removals experience, we also have a rich knowledge of packing and unpacking the goods. Packing can be exhaustive as there are many bits to consider, so why not leave it to the professionals? We have been doing it since forever! Hire professional packers from Men In Black Removals to lighten the process. Our team understands how everything works, and firstly, we will categorise all your stuff to put it separately. The cosmetics go to one box, the stationery to the other and such. After organising, we pack them safely to secure them from any damage.
It happens so often that all your stuff is packed, and you just don’t get the time to unpack it. It stays the same for days and weeks to come, and you are forever concerned about taking a day off to get the work done. News flash, Men In Black Removals are professional unpackers who will get the job done before you know it. We will unpack all the goods you have and even install them for you at the place you specify.

Storage Facility

This is one of the most demanded services out there, and we would love it if you experienced it. Men In Black Removals provides a temporary home for your valuable goods, and you wouldn’t have to go through any trouble. If you’re going away for a vacation or some work abroad and need something to safeguard all your goods, Men In Black Removals is the solution for you. All you need to do is hire us and leave it to the professionals. We arrive at your place, assess your items and pack them safely. The packing material is not vulnerable to air or rust and will remain completely secure with us. After they are packed, we pick them from the Central Coast and take them to our storage facility located in Rosebery. We have ten cubic-metre pods to accommodate your goods. These are made of plywood and assure breathability. Steel pods can rust, whereas concrete pods can absorb dampness; thus, we make the right choice of plywood for your valuables. You can get one pod for $170 per month (no hidden charges) and store as much as you want. Each pod can hold the contents of a studio/1 bedroom apartment.
If you need to store more items, you can also purchase more pods for us temporarily. You can keep your goods in our storage facility for as much time as you like, and they will be as good as new when you want to access them. In case you want access to the valuables, you need to contact us 48 hours before that so that we will be on our toes for you. We have all sorts of furniture removal such as residential, commercial, or industrial. We provide many more services while moving houses, and we doubt if you can get so much at such a reasonable rate. Why don’t you try to get a quote from us? It’s free! Dial 1300 061 658 or visit our website and let us know your requirements.
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