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Over the last 10 years, we’ve maintained our commitment to the highest quality removals service and continue to do so. When we arrive, you’ll know it’s us. Our team come attired in our special MIB Removals uniforms, ready to perform! Our approach begins with real care, a genuine aim to please and a keen ear. We know your belongings are precious, so our removalists treat everything accordingly. To further ensure the safety of your belongings, everything is transported in our clean, modern, top of the line removals trucks. Our fleet is fully insured and with it comes our state-of-the-art dollies, trolleys, removalist pads and power tools. The goal is to ensure the safe, secure and efficient move of all your valuables. Everything gets moved, without a scratch. We want to see you smiling at the end of the day. Always. We are specially geared for small furniture and small interstate removals.

Removalist Quotes

How much do removalists charge per hour? The cost of your move will depend on:
  • The number of items that you have.
  • Travel distance between your old place and the new place.
  • Number of removalists assigned to the move.
  • If you have any heavy or oversized items like a piano or a pool table, which take more time and men to load onto the truck.
  • If you have delicate items such as art and antiques.
  • if you need help pre-packing your belongings or not. Eventually we can add way more.
  • parking arrangements & building access / how packed and prepared your items are for transport.
Our removalists quote in Sydney believes in ‘no hidden costs’ offering a premium removalists services in Sydney with fully equipped trucks inclusive of - dolly's, trolley's, furniture blankets, heavy duty elastics, power tool kits and plastic wrap all within our removals costs. We don’t charge you for travel to and from the depot, just a flat call out fee.
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Residential Removalists In Dolls Point

Men In Black Removals have worked across Sydney and are familiar with all the suburbs along with their requirements. We have received contracts from Dolls Point and know a thing or two about there as well. We are always available for the deals and meetings from Dolls Point and would gladly carry out any removal-related process for you. We deal with some additional work which you might like to know:

Office Workstation Installation

Being this long in the industry, we have been to all kinds of offices and immediately recognise the good and bad. Very rarely, some offices are well-maintained and do not have any wires lying around. The lack of order and uncleanliness spoils the work environment and doesn’t quite appeal to the eyes. Hanging wires everywhere are a threat and do not look very professional. Unwanted pieces of stationery lying around the table or improper installation of that years-old air conditioner indeed makes you bang your head on the desk.
You can hire the professional removalists of Men In Black Removals to install your office workstation in Dolls Point. After getting the necessary details from you, we assess your office and get an idea of carrying things out. We first identify the staging areas for construction and install the required equipment. Then, we take protective measures, so your office does not face any damage from the procedure, and in the end, we get the unwanted stuff out of your office to keep the place clean. We take proper care of transparency and communication. Our entire team of workstation installation crew will be in contact with the managers throughout the process. We provide you with a copy of the office installation drawings to give you an idea of the final setup. Your office site is analysed correctly for removing the trash out and not damaging anything. We are also strict to our timings and get the work done within the time we promise.

CARTS Insurance

We are entirely aware of the valuables and what sentiments they have. Each one has emotions behind it and its value. Thus, we treat all your stuff as it is our own, except they will remain with you. Being concerned about accidents is usual, especially during the removal process, but we go the extra mile to make sure it doesn’t happen. We have completed more than 50,000 successful moves without getting any complaints from consumers.
Unfortunately, accidents might happen anytime, so we give you a chance to get all your stuff insured. We are affiliated with CARTS, and together, we make sure that you face no damage at all. With proper insurance, you would have peace while your stuff is being moved. If there are any mistakes, we will repay you for the damage. Even if there is any damage to your property due to us, we will cover that as well. We know what you’re thinking. You wouldn’t get such a deal anywhere else, would you? That’s a rhetorical question, but the real question is, when are you picking up that phone? If you are reading this, we already know you need professional removalists’ help, and we are ready with our uniforms to serve you in Dolls Point or anywhere in Sydney. Visit the homepage of our website for all the other details. Fill in your necessary information and get a quote from us. You can also dial 1300 061 658 to let us know about your needs and we will get the job done before you know it.
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