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Relocating can be a tiring task as you must handle paperwork, agents, building permits, etc and adding packing and moving to that list is a bane. During times like that, hiring a professional removal company can relieve your stress and give you peace of mind. Men In Black Removals is a leading removal company in Sydney. We are the best commercial removalist in Northbridge with over 10 years of experience and 50,000 removals and shifting. Our team works cohesively and according to your plan. Men In Black Removals ensures that your precious belongings are safe throughout the removal process. Our specialist removalists in Northbridge are highly trained and skilled to carry out every project with ease.

Removal services we provide:

  • Home removals
  • Pre-packing
  • Storage
  • Office removals & installations
  • Rubbish removal.
  • Ultra-removals & balcony lifts
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Premium removalist
  • Packing moving
  • Packing & unpacking
  • Workstation installation
Boxes Packed
Trucks On The Move
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Why choose Men In Black Removals?

Friendly customer service:

Our removalists will give complete guidance through the removal process, from getting your removal quotes to appointments and feedbacks. 100% customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Men In Black Removals.

Advanced technology:

We utilize the development of technology and equipment to our purposes like packaging, moving, lifting, installing, and unpacking. For instance, we use balcony lifters for moving any heavy or oversized item that does not fit in doorways and will be moved right from the current location to another. You can even request removal quotes directly from our official online website.

Scrutiny to every detail:

We provide a detailed quotation listed with all the chores of your removal process and the cost. Firstly, we understand the needs of our clients and after planning all our workers will carry out the given tasks with coherence and planned manner.


To eliminate any kind of damage or breakage, all your belongings will be categorized based on their weight, material, delicacy under different categories such as heavy, fragile, dangerous, handle with care and medium. This helps the removalist to act according to the specification labels on the box.


We at Men In Black Removals, understand your budget constraints. Our company has a reputation for providing removal services in Northbridge at reasonable charges in the market. We do not believe in breaking your bank account.

Fast delivery:

Time is money and it plays a crucial part in moving, and we are the master’s in it. With the help of modern technology and estimating time in advance our team delivers your belongings on time at your doorstep.

What makes us stand out?

  • We are one of the best removals & moving companies in Australia.
  • Our team has experience of over a decade in providing removal services.
  • We offer cohesive services that include every aspect of relocations.
  • Our goal is to achieve perfection in every job that we perform.

How to get a removal quote from Men In Black Removals?

  • Visit our official Men In Black Removals website
  • Fill your details on the booking page.
  • Our expert will contact you.
  • You can clarify your doubts and concerns with our expert and get a rational idea of the process.
  • Ask for the removal quotes.
  • It is based on the criteria of your package and the calculation of the delivery time.
  • Once you are satisfied with it, you can book your removal.

Removals cost list:

  • 1 man & Van/Ute (5-7 Cm3 capacities)
    Weekday price- $80 per hour
    Weekend price- $100 per hour
  • 2 Men & 4.5-tonne truck (20 m3 capacities)
    Weekday price- $130 per hour
    Weekend price- $150 per hour
  • 3 Men & 6.5-tonne truck (30 m3 capacities)
    Weekday price- $180 per hour
    Weekend price- $200 per hour
  • 3 Men & 10-tonne truck (45 m3 capacities)
    Weekday price- $190 per hour
    Weekend price- $220 per hour
  • 3 Men & 14-tonne truck (65 m3 capacities)
    Weekday price- $210 per hour
    Weekend price- $220 per hour

Every service listed above comes with

  • Removalist blankets
  • Removalist ropes
  • Trolleys
  • Dollys
  • Shrink-wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Necessary tools
Men In Black Removals even do interstate & country removals. We are renowned removalists in Northbridge because of our efficiency, versatile removals, and cost-effectiveness in providing services. Contact us today for smooth removal services.
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