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Too big and heavy? Don’t break your back!

There are times where a regular removal service won’t do the job. Especially when there are lots of heavy items in the house or office building. And in such cases, you need a professional removal service to pack and move the heavy belongings safely. You have to opt for such services. Otherwise, you may end up causing damage to your belongings or yourself. So, where should you go for the best furniture movers in Sydney?

Why you should choose the best Sydney furniture removalist

Men in Black Removals is your one-stop destination for complete removal services and furniture moving in Sydney. And that is why you should come to us for heavy and large furniture removals. Not only do we offer the finest removals but also the most affordable services for heavy furniture removals. So, you can call us when you decide to move your heavy items to a new place. We guarantee you that our quote will beat the rest of the furniture removalists in Sydney. You can easily hire cheap furniture removalists by contacting us!

Why Come to Men in Black Removals?

Now you might ask – why to book our services when there are lots of other options in your locality? And this is not something new. It is always a good thing to read a bit before opting for any services. And when it comes to packing and moving heavy furniture removals, it becomes even more necessary. That is why we will showcase why we are the leading furniture removalist services in Sydney.

Our Experience:
Having successfully organised over 7000 moves in the last 10 years, we know moving is challenging. But with special items such as pool tables, pianos, furniture, and heavy security safes, the moving experience is even harder! In many cases, these items are far too heavy for even a small team of people. And sometimes, they’re just too big to fit through doorways. The last thing we want is for anyone to injure themselves, especially you. Thus, our heavy furniture movers are well-equipped to carry the load.

Strong Manpower:
If additional manpower is needed, we’ll supply a team of young, fit and physically abled gentlemen to help.

And if items don’t fit through the door, our team can bring in balcony lifts. We’ll get those awkwardly oversized items out of your current location and into your new one.

At MIB Removals, we provide extensive training to our staff for packing and moving heavy furniture removals. Along with years of experience in handling heavy furniture, our workers will do the job properly. And this way, we will ensure that your belongings do not get damaged while we move them to the new location.

Ultra-Removals & Balcony Lifts:
If items don’t fit through the door, our team can bring in balcony lifts. We’ll get those awkwardly oversize items out of your current location and into your new one. This method of furniture removal is extremely popular in Sydney. As there are many commercial as well as residential buildings located at the upper floors of the buildings. And thus, the balcony lift will allow us to safely pull your belongings down to the ground.

Careful & Quick Moving :
Packing and loading these heavy belongings to the truck is just the beginning. The next challenge is to move such heavy furniture to the new location without inflicting any damage. And at MIB Removals, we have exactly the resources needed to complete this job. Our expert drivers at the wheel will safely deliver your belongings without any problem. They have years of experience in driving through various regions of the state. And thus, you should hire MIB Removals for any type of super removalist services in Sydney.

Storage Facility:
Some people need to store their belongings for a short time as they are waiting for their construction to be completed at the new place. Or else, the people at your new house are yet to vacate the place. And that is why we have a self-storage facility available at Rosebery. You can opt for these storage pods for the most affordable rates in Sydney and use these storage units to store heavy furniture till the time you can move them.

Comprehensive Insurance :
MIB Removals is the most reliable furniture movers in Sydney. Our workers will ensure that there’s not even a single scratch on your heavy items when you unpack them. However, it’s always sensible to get insurance for these belongings before moving. You can go with a private insurance company, but you will end up overpaying for their insurance. And that is why we have CARTS Removals Insurance policy at our website.

Need help for moving heavy furniture or special items? Our flexible furniture removal services in Sydney are tailored to suit your all needs. With over 200 Google reviews for our removalist’s services in Sydney. We will provide you with the most comprehensive yet affordable quotes for your local furniture removals.

Call us on 1300 061 658 or contact us for a quote. Similarly, you can visit our website to get a free quote. Also, don’t forget to check out our other services at Men in Black Removals, including cheap furniture removals, and heavy furniture movers. It’s easy to hire our furniture removalists near you.

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