Office Removals

Our office removals service will make everything easier

At MIB, Our office and commercial removalists will surely give you a smooth moving experience to move your furniture and other delicate items from your office as well as residential place.

Expert Commercial Removalists in Sydney

Office relocations are tricky. They involve so many elements right from dismantling computer units, servers to packing them carefully. Office relocations also involve a lot of careful attention to office files and other stationery items. A slightest error can lead to big blunders while planning office relocations in Sydney. Hiring a professional company for office relocations and office removal in Sydney can actually save money. It can help to peacefully move your office to a new place.

Why Men In Black Removals?

Men In Black Removals is one of the best commercial removalists in Sydney. We are known for our professional office removals and impeccable attention to detail. We provide expert services for office removal in Sydney and allied areas. Our commercial removalists ensure that all your office valuables right from computers, network servers, files, stationery as well fixtures are carefully packed. Our team of experts is highly trained and skilled. They have an immense experience in office furniture removal. They make sure to tactfully remove your furniture and fixtures without causing any harm to them.

What makes us different?

  • We are one of the best office moving companies in Australia.
  • We have an experience of over one decade in providing our office removal services.
  • We offer cohesive office removal services which includes every aspect of office relocations.
  • We aim for perfection in every job that we do

For efficient office relocations, your company needs proper planning in advance and coordination with our removalists staff.

With sales targets to reach and projects to deliver, moving office is difficult.

Even before you get employees packing their desks, you’ve got agents and real estate brokers to deal with. You need to get building permits sorted out. You need to organise cleaners, electricity and internet.

You even need to finalise a fresh layout at the new office. The list of to-do items is endless. Your stress levels could be through the roof.

But relax! Our office movers are here to help.

Get in touch with us now to enquire about our commercial removal services.

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We’ve made over 7000 moves and we’re not stopping

Over 10 years we’ve successfully organised more than 7000 moves. We appreciate the fact that office & all the furniture relocation can be a total disruption to your business.

For these reasons our office removalists service promises:

  • Friendly, positive customer service: we’ll speak to your building manager for you. We’ll sort out access to building keys, exclusive use of lifts and sufficient parking for all our trucks for a disruption-free move.
  • Simple quotes: Easy to understand figures so there’s less to stress about.
  • First-class onsite service: We treat your office and everything in it as if it were our own. After all, your phone, desk and computers are what you use to make a living.
  • Total confidentiality: Your work is yours, we keep everything we see to ourselves.
  • Experienced manpower: Our young, physically fit office movers are well trained with a boatload of experience. No computer server is too heavy, no workstation too complex.
  • Top of the line trucks: Modern, clean and fully insured.
  • State of the art tools: Our crew bring all the dollies, trolleys and removalist pads
  • Dismantling where required: desks and workstations mounted into floors, building signs or anything else can be taken apart for transportation and put back together.
  • Affordable, appropriate pricing: We price according to the scale of your move. We guarantee we’ll beat any local quote.

When you put your trust in us, we take it seriously. Your satisfaction means everything to us.


Moving offices now?

If you and your employees need to make a move, our office movers are ready to help.

Find us in Sydney on 1300 061 658 or send us an email.




1 MAN + VAN/UTE Only moving a few items?

Weekday Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$40 per half hour

Weekend Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$50 per half hour


2 MEN + 4.5 TONNE TRUCK Our most popular truck, suitable for a small office.

Weekday Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$65 per half hour

Weekend Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$75 per half hour


2 MEN + 6.5 TONNE TRUCK Larger move? Suitable for a medium sized office.

Weekday Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$75 per half hour

Weekend Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$85 per half hour


3 MEN + 12 TONNE TRUCK The Motherload! Suitable for a large office.

Weekday Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$125 per half hour

Weekend Rate(30 Minute Increments)

$135 per half hour


*A call out fee applies: A flat rate one of charge that covers the time travelled to & from your home/office, our depot is located in Roseberry 10 minutes from Sydney’s cbd.

  • 0 – 10 km radius of the CBD, 30 Minute callout fee.
  • 10 – 20 km radius of the CBD, 60 Minute callout fee.
  • Contact us to confirm call out and return fees for jobs outside a 20km radius of the CBD.

*All prices are GST inclusive, absolutely no hidden fees.

*All jobs are charged in 30 minute increments, minimum 2 hour charge.

*Additional man power is $50 per hour, per man.

*All toll charges will be billed to the client. If you would like us to avoid tolls, please notify our crew on the day of your move.