Basement flats can appear to not have much illuminations, which makes them mostly very dark. Pavers, outer fencing, thin windows and plants can become problems and limit the amount of light that gets into your apartment. Unless you are a nocturnal animal, this is not the most pleasant of environment. These are some solutions and a few ideas to brighten up your basement apartment:

  • Mirrors are important

You can fill the light around your basement house or apartment with the right positioning of mirrors. You could get one or two big framed mirrors, or buy many small mirror from supermarket or online shop. Place them the proportionally around your house or basement flat so that everywhere has view with a mirror. Mirror not only increase the light around, it will also make your room more comfortable.

  • Buy a quality daylight bulbs

For those living in a basement flat daylight bulbs are a must. For the lack of sunlight in your apartment, the cooler more natural help make up to it. They also help the recovery for SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, not only do they look pretty, in which people get the feel when they’re not taking in less sunlight.

  • Arrange the curtains proportionally

Anything that obstructs the glass is not welcome. Huge, heavy, troublesome curtains are not helpful at all instead we got less window space and loose fabric. To ensure no curtain is getting in the way of your light, you can tie them thoroughly in the back. There are other options too–you could remove the curtains altogether and replace them with blinds. You barely notice them, that because blinds are good when they are up. The window area look much prettier and help clear the space. On the contrary, blinds more colder than curtains, if you are in a chilly place you better think about this factor too. To protect their privacy many people draw the curtains. You can think buy in some net curtains if you consider your place is cold. they’ll let a lot more light in and make the place less dark, and They’ll stop prying eyes from looking into your flat or house

  • Palette of your pick

Colour is essential, and the right palette can really bring life to a room. The walls are often a harmless magnolia, when we move customers into new homes,. This can be anything you want canvas. What colours best suits each area of the house? You better put pen to paper and decide. Some folks decide room-by-room, and others like one palette colour for the whole house.

  • Colour based on the state of mind

Colours contribute to different view or ‘moods’. Colder and more clinical are Blues colour. therefore better suited to bathroom. Warm and cosy are Reds, often used for plush armchairs and integrate wooden panels in the living room. None of these are strict must use, so it’s up to you to try and see what fits best and make you comfortable. Thankfully, the marvels of the internet allow you to visualise such colour schemes. That’s plenty of things you should worry and explore for your new place to move, so make sure you get in touch with a removalist that will help you by getting the best men to assist your move day. At Men in Black removals, we’re proud to say we’ve successfully arranged over 10000 moves in the last 10 years. Due to our training, knowledge and attentiveness, we also have one of the lowest claim incident rates in the removals industry. Call us on 1300 061 658 or contact us here.