An Easy and Convenient Way to Pay When Moving To A New House

An Easy and Convenient Way to Pay When Moving To A New House

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Furniture Removals

Packing your belongings and moving to a new place can engrave a lot of pleasant memories. The whole experience of saying farewell to the old house and relocating to new surroundings gets etched in our memory for eternity. So, don’t let payment become an issue and disrupt this wonderful experience in your life. You may run out of cash at times, or the credit card limit may get exhausted before you can pay for the house moving services in Sydney. 

However, you don’t have to worry about these things when you have much more straightforward and convenient means to pay the removalist companies. Are you interested to know these easy and quick payment methods that you can use while moving to a new house in and around Sydney? You have come to the right place indeed, as we have illustrated a few things about these modern-day payment systems below. 

Hire Services Now And Pay For Them Later

The business world understands that not everyone can pay the full amount of any given service upfront. That is why the world witnessed a boom in the buy now and pay later services worldwide, including Sydney and Australia. Thousands of people have utilised these payment gateways while moving to a new house in Sydney. You can use them, too, as the registration process is often easy, and your account gets set up in a matter of a few minutes.  

But how do these payment gateways work, and how do they benefit consumers like you who wish to hire services for house moving across Sydney? Let’s find out. 

How These Payment Gateways Help You?

After successful registration on any payment gateways that fall under the “buy now & pay later” category, the further process is pretty straightforward. 

  • You use this payment gateway to pay the bills of your house moving endeavours in Sydney.
  • Next, these third-party companies pay the bills on behalf of you. The removalist company gets paid through these payment gateways. 
  • After that, you just need to make a minimum payment every fortnight to avoid any penalties. 
  • Think of it as a credit card service but without any interest being levied upon your payments. Yes, you just need to pay the total bill that your third-party company pays to the removalist company on your behalf. That’s it; there’s no interest whatsoever. 

See, that was pretty straightforward and convenient, right? Well, thanks to the ever-growing role of technology in our lives, you can expect more and more convenient options available to you in the future. 

Payment Gateway Apps Available To You

As a consumer, you have lots of options available to you in the market. But considering that you are planning to hire a company for moving to a new house in Sydney, let’s focus on the most effective and cost-effective apps below. 

  • Zip Pay: You can either pay the amount in full or through instalments. Each month, you have to pay at least $40 to avoid any penalties. This app allows you to sign up for two options – purchases under $1000 and above $1000. 
  • After Pay: Your entire bill for house moving services in Sydney is split over four instalments by After Pay. The first instalment must be paid once the service or product has been delivered. For the rest of the instalments, you can pay fortnightly. 
  • Open Pay: Register yourself on this payment gateway in less than 90 seconds; yes, the registration process is lightning fast. You will get an option to pay your dues in 1-24 months without any interest fee. 

These are our recommended payment apps whenever you decide to hire professional removalists for moving your house across Sydney. 

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